Monday, October 1, 2012

Driving throgh tuscany

Our last morning in Rome. We finally were able to eat on our balcony, yes no rain. We were out and about strolling Via del Corso, its the rodeo drive of Rome. We could only window shop because everything was closed untill who knows becasue the stores dont have times posted.  However we didnt have time to shop because today was the day to pick up the car becasue we were hitting the road through Tuscany! 

But first we needed to pack up and take a bus ride over to Termini Staion. Wow what a busy place. After trading our car twice due to lack of cleanliness we finally were given a complamentary GPS and a dirty car. :( Well the GPS was a heaven sent because it is crazy to drive down here, there are like 10 signs for a single pole and they expect for our eyeballs to read that FAST.

Our first stop was Orvieto. It sits on top of a huge hill. Amazing! To  get to the city  we took a tram up a steep hill.  After a short bus ride there was a beautiful church, impressive!! 


Then it was off the Astrada toll road and into Tuscany and the rolling hills, farm houses and happy sheep in our trusty little rental car.

Our last stop for the day was Montalcino where we got a room right at the end of the main street where we walked, sampled wine and grabbed dinner.


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