Monday, October 8, 2012

Venice - A City Like NO Other

So after our 2 hour break from eachother on the train due to the seat mix-up we were back together in the Magical City of Venice!
Stepping out of the train station is like being on another planet, there are no bikes, no cars, no buses but boats just squeezing past eachother write in front of you at the edge of the steps. I was so in awe I didn't even pick-up my camera or my iPhone. We got a water bus ticket for one hour and rode it with all our luggage to the Rialto Bridge. Our plan was to quickly drop off our bags and hop back on the bus to San Marcos Bridge and the main city square. But we had a little difficulty finding our hotel and lugging all our luggage through the narrow streets and by the time we had found it we were spent. So we took 30 minutes cooling off and gathering ourselves before going down to grab a bite to eat and a little vino bianco.
Again Maria has found us a lovely Bed & Brekfast in a great location just a building away from some very high end Hotels and a few blocks from Piazza St. Marco. The breakfast room overlooks the Ponte dei Fuseri bridge and our window is right over the main corridor so you can hear the Italian people going about there day.

Our Hotel straight ahead at the end of the corridor.

We walked around the rest of the evening and evening to Piazza San Marco then crossed over the Campiello Bridge and over to the Fondamenta Salute Point that provides great views of San Giorgio and Piazza San Marco.


Of course we couldn't do all this walking without a little treat to give us energy!


In the morning we woke up grabbed a quick breakfast at our B&B and then headed over the Rialto Bridge to check out the Fish Market.

We found a few more gifts to stuff into our bags (Not Fist) and then continued into St. Croce to see some artwork in the St Polo and the St. Maria Gloriosa del Frari Churches. We grabbed lunch in a great spot just over the bridge from St. Maria Gloriosa. On our walk back to the Rialto bridge we took a different route and stumbled upon a community yard sale.

 You know your typical yard sale with Morino Glass and keys from the 1800's. Maria found a blue and white mini vase made of Morino glass but I talked her out of it because of the difficulty bringing it home in one piece.

So we have now made it back to our hotel so Maria can take a 30 minute siesta and it give me time to catch up on the Blog and add photos for you all to see.
After Maria's re-charge we headed over to Piazza St Marco to purchase our water bus tickets to the airport the next morning. After the sad reality that we were leaving the next day we proceeded to get lost and away from the craziness of St Mark's. Down a few small alleys and you have done just that, found a bridge all our own with a gondola or taxi passing under now and then and a group crossing here and there.

Back strolling the streets it wasn't long before we saw some pizza in the window and we had to grab a seat and a bite. Now we were energized to continue shopping, and that's when we ran into the Family Maria made friends with on the train. I was finally introduced and we wished each other a safe trip home.
It was at this time Maria had brought up the vase at the market that she didn't buy so I gave in and we headed back over the Rialto bridge and hopped that the market would still be going on and the vase had not sold. Well as they say it was meant to be, Maria scored the vase and she is ecstatic now we hope we can keep it in one piece.

 Our big decision was if and where we should go out for dinner on our last night in Italy in the most romantic city? The IF was because we both had allergies hit us this day and we were a bit of a mess. We sucked it up and had an incredible dinner with a pre dinner treat of melon custard with ham in a shot glass. Back to the room to try and figure out how to pack up all our clothes, wine, olive oil, gifts and pastries Maria was dead set on bringing home. They actually survived the trip home and were a great treat this morning!

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