Thursday, October 4, 2012

Tuscany Day 2

This day in Tuscany we woke up after an easy night in the small town of Montalcino and did another quick loop of the town before hitting the Market for some snacks for the road trip.

On our way into town the day before we saw the town of Montepulciano and it looked incredible. So we decided to back track a little and visit it.

On our way we found a beautiful winery where we took photos, bought wine at a great price along with a few bottles of olive oil.

In Montepulciano we walked the steep streets from Church to Church until Siesta time when we hit the road again with our snacks from the grocery store.

We then continued on the back roads to Siena where we accidentally drove into the town walls and parked. Shortly after visiting the main Plaza we found out we will be ticketed so we reserved a hotel with parking and luckily got out of town before getting ticketed and came back into town at another entrance by our hotel. After cleaning up we walked the stores and then had a beautiful dinner in the greatest plaza in Italy.


Sienna ended up being a pleasant surprise for us although our pricey hotel was less then desirable. I would definitely come back for the horse race they have among the 17 neighborhoods for bragging rights.

Still another day in Northern Tuscany to come on our way to Florence, stay tuned.

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