Sunday, September 30, 2012

Less walking Mark demanded.....ya right! Rome is  a must walk town.  The coble streets and history everywhere you turn.  Today's day beginning was much slower. Woke up sore!  We finally got our selves together after I cooked breakfast!   Couldn't use our bacony to eat like planned,  due to RAIN. Yes rain, it began at 2 AM. Thunder, wind, and lightning!  
We finally  dragged our selves to get coffee att Sant' Eustachio Cafe, recomended by Mari, my friend (thanks Mari). How ever they are a coffee houae that caters to locas! We had a bit of trouble  ordering and yes we ordered the wrong drink !  I guess we are not  pros yet.  After the coffee issue we grabbed the wrong bus to the collosium.  OOPs.  We finally arrived with a bit more walking than expected.  The challenge of this part of the story was that it was sunny, HUMMID! It felt like 200degrees! At the collusimum there were like a milllion people already!  The good thing is that we had bought the "Roma Pass" which allowed us to cut the long line and get in at no extra charge than our pass :). 
The Colusium was impressive! 

After taking tons of pics of the colusium, we went to get our caffee latte' that we know we like. While having our coffee and decideing to get lunch as well it started raining again. We walked over to the Piazza del Campidoglio that is soo impressive.

After a little shopping we decided to drop off our gifts and freshen up from a sweat and rain soaked day. After a shower and kicking our feet up we walked in the RAIN to the Trevi Foutain, grabed a light dinner and walked down the Spanish Steps.


We even managed to  shop a bit MORE.
Again we ended the day beyond exausted.  Tomorrow the driving adventure begins, Mark is looking foward to it but first we are going to walk over to the Castle St Angelo over by the Vatican. We are Roman Walking Foolios.. 

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