Saturday, September 29, 2012

Exploring Rome! What a stroll...

It's Maria writing today cuz Mark is a bit Tired :) . We began our day @ 8 am. A good idea because the streets were empty. As we left our apartment we turned the corner and to our amazement there was the Pantheon!

After that we Headed to Piazza Navona, where we picked up some coffee and pastries and sat to enjoy the sights. We then walked to "Campo de Fiori" where there was an open Market! Lots of great smells of fresh fruits, oils, pasta, ex..... The streets easily lead us to the "Ghetto" where there were ruins and a church. It was still only 10ish, so we crossed the Tevere River and went to Trastevere, a working class neighborhood . Great narrow cobble stone streets and more impressive Fountains and churches.
We worked our way up to the Vaticano museum. Wow what a walk! We arrived to the museum along with tons of other people! Walking to see Sistine Chapel Ceiling was challenging, there were so many people and I almost had a melt down. Mark quickly helped me settle down and we got through it! :) After that we were pooped but still headed to Saint Pietro, this was our last sight of the day.

We arrived exhausted to our apartment! But before grabbing a bus to head home, we stopped by a market to grab refreshments!!! And food for breakfast tomorrow to enjoy on our balcony.
Ok yes Mark is alive, he said I made him walk 20 miles today. He and I are now contemplating on where we will go for dinner. Must we go out and walk..... Don't know if our feet will respond......

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